Eagles Add 11 New Members as Season Approaches

After a long tryout process in which many great players came out to compete, Boston College Club Baseball is happy to announce the addition of 11 new student athletes to its roster for the upcoming season:

Tim Healy (P)

Patrick Calabrese (P)

Stephen Loreng (P)

David Sausto (P)

Colin Duff (P)

Tim Burdick (P)

Ben Varieur (IF)

Jimmy Loeffler (IF)

Billy Wolfe (IF)

Billy Noke (OF)

Tom Moschella (OF)

With the talent at tryouts this year being extremely high, many difficult decisions had to be made. However, the Eagles are confident the players they took should be excellent additions to the team, and help offset the loss of many great players from the recently graduated class of 2018.

The Eagles are excited to kick off their season this Saturday with a doubleheader against Harvard, and hopefully see some great contributions from the new members of their team. Team president and starting first baseman John McQuillen recently commented, “I’m pumped to get the season started. We have a ton of talent coming in and hopefully it pays off on the field.” Starting outfielder Tyler Lockard echoed McQuillen’s optimism about the coming season, saying “I think we have a chance to do something really special this year.” Lockard was also recently seen in the gym twice on Monday, a testament to his continuous desire to improve his own play, especially as the team continues to add so much young talent.


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